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TPD1S414: OVP response time

Part Number: TPD1S414


In the datasheet, it stated OVP response time to nFET off is 100ns max. But Figure 7 shows differently. Which one should I follow? What is the exact threshold for complete cut off?


- YY

  • Hello,

    I understand what you are talking about. However if you see on Figure 7, around 70ns after the VBUS_CON goes above the 6.2V threshold (OVP limit for TPD1S414), you see VBUS_SYS going down.

    At this point the FET to VBUS_SYS is completely turned off. What you are seeing with the tail that goes to 0 is the discharging of the capacitor on VBUS_SYS.

    So to answer your question of when does it exact shut off is completely dependent on the size of your capacitor on VBUS_SYS side.

    Also Section of the datasheet has a good explanation of why that capacitance is there.