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TPD4S214: TPD4S214 DET Pin Issue

Part Number: TPD4S214


We are having trouble designing the TPD4S214 and have an inquiry.

The FLT pin and the ADJ pin are floating in the circuit, and the EN pin is controlled by the controller.

The problem is that the signal of the DET Pin is set to Low and it can not be changed.

The DET pin is LOW when both the USB connection and the connection are disabled.

The DET pin has a circuit connection to the controller.

I would like to know if the FL pin and ADJ pin are floating and the DET pin can not be changed.

And one more question. Is it possible to check if the TPD4S214 Spec has an Automotive product that supports Host and OTG at the same time?


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  • Tyler,

    The FLT pin not connected is fine. However the ADJ pin is an input and should be connected. If you are not worried about over current then put a 45kOhm resistor on it.

    Also when both USB controller and connector are disabled the DET pin should be off.

    Could you send me a schematic and waveform of what you are saying is happening?



  • In reply to Cameron Phillips:

    Hi. Cameron

    I am satisfied with your answer.
    Connect a resistor to the ADJ pin, test it and try again.