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TPD4E05U06: About 6Gbps HDMI2.0 (TP2) Eye Diagram

Part Number: TPD4E05U06

Hi Team,


We understand that "6Gbps HDMI2.0(TP1) Eye Diagram" is listed in the datasheet.

However, our customer would like to know “6Gbps HDMI2.0(TP2) Eye Diagram”.

We guess that the characteristic of cable and connector adversely affects “TP2 Eye diagram”.

Could you please let us know if you have any data?



If you contact to below my e-mail address or let me know your e-mail address,

I can send the customer information.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.


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  • Kanemaru,

    You are correct every cable will effect the eye diagram differently. We do not spec that because of the wide variation of cables.
    You can email me at c-phillips@ti.com
    However this test is very system specific so I would advise for the customer to run this test because there is no way we can spec it without the exact system.

  • In reply to Cameron Phillips:

    Hi Cameron-san,


    Thank you for the information and your advice.

    I will report this information to our customer.