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TPD2S300: CC Line Capacitor Calculation

Part Number: TPD2S300

In Table 5. CC Line Capacitor Calculation it states  "TUSB422 capacitance 200 450 pF From the TUSB422 Datasheet" However I am using a TUSB320LAI - what is the equivalent parameter for this device ?

  • Hi Shmuel,

    Thank you for your question. The CC line target capacitance (according to the USB PD Specs) has to be between 200pF and 600pF. The TPD2s300 has an internal capacitance range between 30pF and 120pF.

    With that being said, I'm not sure what the capacitance of the TUSB320LAI is (looked through the datasheet and couldn't find any info). Could you possibly re-post this question with the TUS320LAI subject line and part number? As a company, we support a ton of parts that get routed to the appropriate engineer. The TPD2s300 is a part I support. But the TUS320LAI is supported by another group of engineers. Feel free to re-post and ask this question to that group so that they can respond.  

    I hope this helps and If this answers your question, PLEASE select  This resolved my issue 

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