TPD6E05U06: ESD for USB3.0

Part Number: TPD6E05U06


I'm using TPD6E05U06 RVZ as a USB 3.0 ESD for TUSB8041 device.

According to datasheet, NC pin can be float or connect to GND. In my design, NC pins are soldered on the signal traces. Is it safe or should I modify the PCB so that solder mask covers NC pin area ?

In addittion, what is the best pin assignment for SS signals to reduce the crosstalk between differential pairs ?

In addition, datasheet contains EYE diagram of HDMI application. Can I get the EVE pattern on USB3.0 application ?



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  • Hello,
    Yes it is acceptable to solder the NC pin to the signal trace for layout optimization.
    I will see if we have a USB3.0 eye diagram but the HDMi2.0 eye diagram is showing that we do not effect a faster signal speed than USB3.0 so naturally the eye will be better.