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Question about TUSB320 VBUS_DET

Dear, Sir.

I am having a  question about TUSB320 VBUS_DET.

6 page on the datasheet, external 900kOHM and typ. 3.3V thereshold

is defined. Also intrernal 95kOHM pull-down resistance is defined.

I suppose VBUS on USB TYPE-C will be 5V/500mA, 1.5A, 3A.

If the bias on VBUS_DET was the divided by resistors;

5V * 95kOHM/995kOHM = 0.48V

If true,  VBUS_DET voltage never across the threshold voltage.

Does it mean VBUS_DET was invalid unnder VBUS 5V condition?

Best Regards,

H. Sakai

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        This threshold is based on VBUS because it is the actual input to the system and a standard USB signal; it is defined in such way that when the customer uses the specified RVBUS (Now updated from 855K to 920K), the TUSB320 will detect a valid VBUS. This simplifies the testing because the customer only has to worry about VBUS and not extra variables.