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XIO2213B: XIO2213 can't establish PCIe link

Part Number: XIO2213B


I have a board that contains a processor and the TI XIO2213B LLC chip.

My processor can't seem to successfully establish a link with the XIO2213 LLC chip. There are three other devices connected to the processor besides this XIO part, and all three of them are able to establish link with the processor, so I don't believe that the processor is at fault, or that there is a board issue regarding signal integrity Ithe XIO part is only Gen1 PCIe, and the other devices are Gen2, and use the same routing rules).

One significant difference between our board and the XIO2213 dev board is that our custom board does not contain an EEPROM connected to the XIO part. The data manual is somewhat vague in explaining whether or not this EEPROM is required for successful PCIe operation.

Does anybody know if a lack of an EEPROM could be an issue?