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SN75DP159: AUX channel issue

Part Number: SN75DP159


         Customer us Kabylake-U and DP is 1.2 version and dual mode.  If AUX channel connected to AUX_SRCp/AUX_SRCn pins of DP159, the Panel has no display. If processor change DDC channel from AUX channel then connected to SDA_SRC/SCL_SRC pin of DP159,  the Panel has display and looks normal. On this work normal condition, the BIOS of processor must need to setting DP with HDMI compatible mode.


Work normal Topology:

Kabylake-U (DDC)  -> DP159(DDC) -> HDMI  connector-> Panel


1. Could  DP159 support DP 1.2 due to the datasheet show DisplayPort Dual-Mode 1.1 ? 

2. Does I2C-over-AUX support DP 1.2? 

3. On BIOS DP with HDMI compatible mode, could I know DDI signal output of processor is DP 1.2 signal output or AC HDMI signal output? 

4. Kabylake-U DP 1.2 interface could support HDMI 2.0 on datasheet, so on above work normal topology, does the topology support HDMI 2.0 on Panel for Display port dual mode?