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Linux/DP83822HF: DP83822HF FX Not working.

Part Number: DP83822HF

Tool/software: Linux


I'm using AM572x custom board

and, DP 83822HF is connected to RPU2 ETH0/ETH1

I have question.

Q1. GENCFG(0x465) "phy_read" value is invalid.

        The value does not changed when i set  "phy_write(phydev, 0x465, 0x1);"

==== DP83822HF_read_status 761===
BMCR(0x0): 0x3100
BMSR(0x1): 0x7849
PHYIDR1(0x2): 0x2000
PHYIDR2(0x3): 0xa240
CR1(0x9): 0x0
CR2(0xa): 0x4100
PHYSCR(0x11): 0x4100
RCSR(0x17): 0x41
LEDCR(0x18): 0x400
PHYCR(0x19): 0x21
GENCFG(0x465): 0xffffffea

Q2. DP83822HF Reg value is correct.
       But, I don't know why FX not working.

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