DP83822I: DP83822I register configuration

Part Number: DP83822I

Hi team,

My customer is using our DP83822 in their new project and they are developing the software to configure the DP83822 registers. The interface between the DP83822 and the processor is RMII and they use the RJ45 connector.

They have realized the communication function but there's a strange phenomenon about the DP83822. When they use a computer to apply a "ping" command, it succeeded. But when they use another computer with a different brand, the "ping" command failed. I wonder if this problem is related to the register configuration. Do you have any comment on this issue?

By the way, do you have the source code for configuring the register? If you have, could you please send it to so I can share with customer and let them check their configuration.

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