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Time Triggered Ethernet


I’m thinking of using Time Triggered Ethernet (SAE AS6802) for a robotics project. While there is a lot of good theoretical information out there (e. g. https://www.irit.fr/torrents/seminars/files/Chaudron_2013-06-28.pdf), I can’t seem to find any examples of implementation in embedded system.

Does anyone have any experience with implementing this network technology? Are there any drivers supporting TI MCUs? Are there any TI MCUs that have the data link layer with integrated virtual link for TTE?

I would love to hear from anyone having hands-on experience with this and any information is welcome.

  • Hi Simen,

    TTEthernet usually requires special IP integrated into the switch/microcontroller. No TI MCUs have this special IP in them. Instead TI focuses on industrial fieldbuses to achieve the determinism offered by TTEthernet.

    If you wish to use a TI MCU for a deterministic network, I would suggest looking at the AMIC110 which is designed to work with multiple industrial protocols.

    Best Regards,

    Rob Rodrigues

    EFL (Ethernet & FPD Link) Applications Engineer