DP83640T-EVK: USB Doesn't Connect to Board

Part Number: DP83640T-EVK

I just received a new DP83640T Eval Board and can’t connect to it with the Analog LaunchPAD Ethernet Integrity Software Utility I downloaded from TI. I installed the software and USB driver on a Win7 laptop. I am getting the error “No attached ALP based USB boards were detected”.

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    After digging a bit, it appears the Opal Kelly drivers aren't needed and instead there is a Cypress driver that is used. Because of this, the source code needs to be changed and recompiled. The EPL_ENUM_TYPE needs to change from EPL_ENUM_DIRECT to EPL_ENUM_CYUSB_MDIO. For example, in EPLTestApp, the function EPLEnumDevice needs to be updated to function correctly.