DP83867E: Fail the A and B peak voltage test of 1000m Ethernet compliance test

Part Number: DP83867E

I don’t have the DP83867 EVM in hand. If you have this demo board could you help to run this test to verify?

I follow the Ethernet compliance testing guidelines(SNLA239A) and set below registers by MDIO interface(In fact the last register 0x1D5 can’t be set and there is no such register in the datasheet of DP83867E, it maybe an error of the spec SNLA239A).

Do the 1000M ethernet compliance test and fail the peak voltage test.

Peak volt Point A=545.5mv and Peak volt point B=547.6mv, the pass/fail criteria of the TDS7104 oscilloscope is it should be between 670mv and 820mv.

From section 2.2.2 of the test spec SNLA239A, the description of the pass Condition has not include the range of the Peak volt point A/B. Do you know why this criteria is different from the Tektronix Ethernet compliance test software? Any special setup to pass the 1000M peak volts of A and B before?

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