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DP83867IR: SGZMII Modeling Questions

Part Number: DP83867IR

My customer is asking the following questions:

We have a prototype in which we are evaluating the DP83867IR Ethernet PHY. I do NOT have the Eval module. The PWB layout is complete and I am in the process of performing post layout simulation. I am unable to find an IBIS simulation model that supports the SGZMII Rx and Tx ports on the device. You do have an IBIS model for the DP83867IR, but the port in question is not supported by your model. Please provide models of some type so that I can simulate this Gigabit Ethernet interface.

Can we help the customer with this issue? Do we have any model (IBIS) that would support the SGZMII Rx and Tx ports on the device?

Thanks for your help with this issue!

Richard Elmquist