TLK105L: Precision Timing Configuration

Part Number: TLK105L


The datasheet P.41 says as follows,
"Exact timing IEEE 1588 indication pulse can be adjusted using register 0x3f.
 Each increment of phase value is an 8-ns step."
in 5.2.6 IEEE 1588 Precision Timing Protocol Support.

I have a question about that register.

Register 0x003F, IEEE1588 Precision Timing Configuration (PTPCFG),
bits 15:13, PTP Transmit Timing & bits 12:10, PTP Receive Timing:

Are the timings from "Message Timestamp Point" in Figure 5-10.IEEE 1588 Message Timestamp Point?

(+0-ns to +56-ns)

Thank you in advance.

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