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DS125BR820: Can DS125BR111 or DS100BR210 used with DS125BR820?

Part Number: DS125BR820

Hi, I want to use one 8ch Repeater at main board and 2 ch repeater at line card. If DS125BR820 (or DS125BR800A) is used at main board, how to select the 2ch repeater chip at line card? Is DS125BR111 suitable? 

Is there any selection guide about repeaters or retimers?

In our design, we have 10G SFP+ line card and 5G QSGMII card. The SFP+ card has 4 SFP+ module and 4 SFP+ lanes. The QSGMII card has 1 QSGMII channel. What is the recommended repeater or retimer chipset for my design?

Thanks a lot.