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TPD2S703-Q1: TPD2S703-Q1 Application Question

Part Number: TPD2S703-Q1

Customer is now in the evaluation of TPD2S703-Q1 this one, some questions need to be supported :  

1. Whether VD+/VD- has ESD and short circuit (18V) protection when VPWR is not powered.

2. How to choose mode

3. How to choose VREF

  • 1. VD+/DV- is protected both powered and unpowered.
    2. The mode pin configuration is detailed in the datasheet and should be set to match your system requirements. Review table 1 in section to determine the proper configuration for your ssytem.
    3. You will have to determine in your system if you wish to drive VREF from an external reference voltage (mode 0) or internal reference voltage (mode 1) The settings for this pin are detailed in Section of the datasheet.