TLK10232: TLK10232 is not able to link up on 1G-KX

Part Number: TLK10232

Dear TI developers, 

We have product using TLK10232, we want to bring up on new platform. 

Somehow we cannot get 1G-KX link up properly, we want to inquiry with you in detail. 

The previous platform has a GE switch with 2 ports connect to TLK10232 HS; 

Channel A is 10G-KX and Channel B is 1G-KX.

Based on the attachment, we can use the 'init sequence' + 'setup loopback on same port' to get TLK10232 link up on 10G-KR;  

and using 'init sequence' + '1G-KX setting' + 'setup loopback on same port' to get TLK10232 link up on 1G-KX.

The new platform is using Intel CPU w/ X552 10 GbE Backplane connect to TLK10232 HS. 

We want to using the same sequence as old platform to get link up, 

We are able to get 10G-KR link up, but failed on 1G-KX portion. 

Since the new platform, the HS media is changed,

Do you suggest to modify the setting for  0x1e.[2-5], which are related to  HS_SERDES_CONTROL ? 

If yes, I think the Intel x552 10GbE is common component,

Do you have the experience for configure these HS_SERDES_CONTROL? 

Thank you.


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