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DP83848I: about DP83848 speed

Part Number: DP83848I

hi dear supporting team,

customer meet an issue, that the speed of DP83848 can only reach to 40M.

the sch is as below, is there anything unproper? tks a lot!

OMAP side circuit as below:

  • Hi Vera,

    How is the throughput being tested? If it is being tested using TCP/IP, the BER may be impacting the throughput. This could be based on the link partner as well.

    I'd also expect the current limiting resistors on the data and clock lines should be approximately 17-22 ohms.

    Finally, the RBIAS pin must have a 4.87k ohm impedance attached to ground. The parallel combination of R4140 and R4145 must be equivalent to 4.87k with a 1% tolerance.

    Best Regards,

    Rob Rodrigues

    EFL (Ethernet & FPD Link) Applications Engineer