HD3SS3220: Negotiating VBUS Higher than 5V

Part Number: HD3SS3220


I have an application where I need to ensure that VBUS is not negotiated to something above 5V.

As far as VBUS is concerned, I took a look through the specs, and everything I’ve read indicates that going higher than 5V is only supported when negotiating up the voltage from default 5V, using USBPD 2.0 for example.

From the datasheet HD3SS3220 doesn’t support anything higher than 5V. (it states 15W and 3A, which implies 5V max).

What this tells me is that HD3SS3220 can’t provide/accept more than 15W power.

When using the HD3SS3220 device as UFP (or UFP in DRP mode) and connected to a USBPD 2.0 20V/100W capable DFP, am I correct that the HD3SS3220 will negotiate to max 3A/5V/15W? Assuming USB compliant devices and cables are used, we will never see anything other than 5V nominal on VBUS during normal operation.

Please confirm.


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