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DP83TC811S-Q1: EMC RI test, DP83TC811S-Q1 can't work in 700MHz to 1GHz

Part Number: DP83TC811S-Q1

Dear TI:

   When the customer conducts EMC RI test, dp83tc811s-q1 is disturbed in the range of 700MHz to 1GHz and cannot work.The failure phenomenon is that the customer's LTE module tries to communicate with dp83tc811s-q1, but the 811S has no response.When the customer modified part of the circuit, the interference phenomenon was improved, and the frequency point of interference was reduced to between 800MHz and 900MHz.The modified circuit is R1702/R1705 changed from 27 ohms to 36 ohms.Please help to confirm which circuits need to be modified for this problem, or what can be improved?

    The customer has tested three boards in total, and the phenomenon is consistent.

    Below is the circuit diagram of the customer: