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DS90UB964-Q1: DS90UB964 flicker issue

Part Number: DS90UB964-Q1

Hi Sir,

Our customer used the DS90UB964, But have the flicker issue.

Do you have any suggest ? we can modify the HW or register?


  • Hi,
    firstly you should check why it is flickering, is it due to the link?
    to debug the link, you can check:
    1. what is the lock status of UB964?
    2. what is the cable quality and connector? can it catch the UB964's request?
    3. what is the PCLK in this case?
    4. how about the PoC design? does it follow up the evm user guide design?
    5. how about the layout?
    6. how about the supply noise?
    7. can you run the pattern generation test or BIST test to check which part has issue?

  • In reply to Junqiang Shi:

    Hi Steven,

    Thank you very much,
    We will check this item on customer PCB.