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TFP401: Problem interfacing TFP401 to DLPC3439

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Part Number: TFP401


I have designed my own PCB which is based on DLPDLCR4710EVM.

Instead of ITE6801, I used a TFP401 as a HDMI decoder not including voice.

The source of HDMI is output of desktop computer video card.

And the resolution of HDMI is  a full HD of 1920 x 1080.

I have a problem interfacing the TFP401 to DLPC3439.

As the attached image, the displayed image is not good.

The half of image is normal and the other is abnormal.

I have posted about this problem as like the below link.


The conclusion of this post is that there is no problem interfacing DLPC3439 to DLP4710.

But I have no confidence between TFP401 and DLPC3439

According to the TFP401 datasheet, it shows that the TFP401 supply WUXGA resolution.

What I want to know is that the TFP401 is a proper decoder for interfacing with the DLPC3439 in  full HD mode.

I'd like to approach this problem in a view of TFP401.

Please, help me to solve this problem.



Yun-Seok Cho