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TLK2711-SP: Maximum Output Current

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Part Number: TLK2711-SP

Hi, I'll use TLK2711-SP for an ongoing project. So I'm reading a datasheet. 

And I'm wondering what's the maximum output current when Transmitting mode. There is information about IOL = 2mA when VDD = MIN.

Is that mean maximum output current is 2mA?

Thanks to everyone!

  • Dongyoung,

    The specification for IOH/IOL is for the LVCMOS/TTL outputs.  These are RXD, RKxSB, RX_CLK signals.

    They are relatively weak to help insure that the output switching does not induce noise in the device.

    Thus, the destination device should be placed as close as possible to the TLK2711.

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