TLK110: TLK110 no link with C6748

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Part Number: TLK110


I designed C6748 ank TLK110 combination for ethernet interface. And I used MII mode.

After I power-on,load the program,  the 3 led lights of RJ45 can be lit, while the  led—act light is slightly lit, but in fact it should blink

and the chip cannot auto negotiation and link successfully,   but  the registers of the TLK110 can be read:

BMCR:3100   BMSR:7849   PHYSTS:0000    PHYCR:8021

then I Checked the chip level and found that the pin18, 23, 37 level is only 1.5V. I think this is the problem.

I have connected them and also connected with  the correct capacitors according to the data sheet.

So what should I do with that 

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