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DP83822I: can DP83822 used in AMC335x processor with RMII and PR1_MII interface?

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Part Number: DP83822I

Hi team,

Customer use AMC335X and TLK110 before, now TLK110 is NRND, and TI recommend use DP83822.

Customer wan to know if the DP83822 can use as RMII and PR1_MII[] interface?

if not, do we have other 10/100M PHY can be used in this project?

if yes, is there any need more design consideration?

thank you

  • Hi Betty,

    DP83822 supports MII, RMII and RGMII interface as stated in the datasheet http://www.ti.com/lit/ds/symlink/dp83822i.pdf

    What is PR1_MII?


    Hung Nguyen

  • In reply to Hung Nguyen92:


    PR1_MII is AM335x config register for PHY and Processor connection. customer use TLK110 before and use PR1_MII interface. they want to make sure if it can also used for DP83822.

  • In reply to Betty Guo:


    As mentioned earlier, DP83822 supports MII, RMII and RGMII interface.

    My understanding is that AM335x also uses standard MII. However, I'd suggest you reaching out to processor team for confirmation.


    Hung Nguyen