TMDS361B: Compliance Testing

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Part Number: TMDS361B

I have a customer using the TMDS361BPAGR to bring in 3 HDMI signals to a single HDMI receiver chip Analog Devices ADV7611.  When he sent his product through HDMI compliance he had one failure when they ran the HDMI Sink Jitter test 8-7 at 27Mhz (480P resolution).  The console passed testing at higher resolutions of 720P and 1080P.  This was done using a “TYPE 2 Cable Emulator” that adds skew into the signal. Although he suspects the issue is at the ADV7611 side of the design, there is potential the TI part is contributing to the failure.  He has had several calls with the compliance lab and Analog Devices on this and there were some questions that came up on the TI part.  Could you please take a look at these questions below?


  1. Did the TMDS361B chip go through HDMI compliance testing?
  2. If it was HDMI tested, would a report be available for the test?
  3. If it was HDMI tested, would the evaluation board that was used still be available?  We would like to run a test with the TMDS361B evaluation board connected to the ADV7611 evaluation board using an HDMI cable to compare performance with our PCB design.
  4. Our design has the TMDS361B feed directly into the ADV7611 using traces on the PCB, as shown in the attached image.  Does TI see any issues with using the chip in this manner.

Thank you for your consideration!


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