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TCA5013: Hot swapping on SAM cards

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Part Number: TCA5013


On one hand, I just want to ask if the SAM modules allow hot swapping.

On the other, I am aware that there are a few years since this IC is active, is there any estimation on where the chip will be deprecated?

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  • yes, it's allowed for hot swapping, not sure what's your 2nd question.

  • In reply to Brian Zhou:

    Hi Mr. Zhou,

    Thanks for the answer. Very usefull.

    Regarding the second one, what I want is to implement TCA5013 on pay machines and manufacturing them for many years, so I am trying to avoid ICs that will be obsolete in a near future. That's the reason I want to know if TCA5013 can be (or not) a good candidate for the designs.

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  • In reply to Sergio Alarcon:

    We have big volume for this device and will not obsolete any time soon

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    Thank you for your prompt responses. You made my day, I'll take TCA5013 into account.

    Thanks one more time,