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DS90CR287: Camera Link Design

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Part Number: DS90CR287

Hello, I'm looking to do a Camera Link interface design and am looking over what parts I needs. I came across the document:


Do you have any evaluation boards that can help. Some of the parts in the document have gone obsolete. 

Thank you very much,


  • Hi Joe,

    the link provided above is on CR287 family introduction, is it right?

    Yes, you are right many parts have gone obsolete and is NOT recommended for new design. For your camera link design, can you consider the part number of UB933/UB934?

    also, pls provide your block diagram and system design request, maybe we can provide some popular solutions for you in the market.

    best regards,


  • In reply to Junqiang Shi:

    Hello, here is the document I referenced. I should have attached it. 


    I am designing a board that will interface with a camera that has full Camera Link capability. I want to bring that data into an FPGA and then transmit the data over fiber to another board that will then send it to a Frame Grabber PC. 


    Attached is a simple block diagram of my design.

    I am not opposed to use the UB933/934 part, are there any Reference Designs?

    Thank you,


  • In reply to joe306:

    Hello, how about using the DS90CR481 / DS90CR482? I see a Reference Board CLINK3V48BT-112. 


  • In reply to joe306:


    all these are old parts. For CR481/482, pls check if the video I/f is compatible with your camera's sensor, if it is ok, you can use it.