TUSB1210: I failed to use TUSB1210 on PYNQ-Z2...

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Part Number: TUSB1210

Hi! My name is Barney and my team is working on a project, in which I'm required to read USB MIDI keyboard data via USB host, but I can't get TUSB1210 to work properly.

As you can see in the schematic, The chip can only work on output clock mode, but I can't detect any signal coming from CLOCK. Also there's no voltage on VBUS or CPEN, so no power on USB port.

Here's the schematic of related parts of PYNQ-Z2.

In the gpio I have DATA0~7, DIR, STP, NXT, CLK and RESETN to use for I/O.

I could use some serious help on what really to do to correctly configure this chip to make it work. Thanks.

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