SN65DSI86: Questions for SN65DSI86 PLL unlock issue

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Part Number: SN65DSI86

Hi experts,

Our customer is using SN65DSI86 and found that it will report PLL unlock issue after register initialization, can you help to check what's problem in here?

Thanks a lot!

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  • Jack

    Are they using REFCLK or DSI_CLK? What is the clock frequency? Have they physically measured the clock input to verify the correct clock is present at the DSI86 input?



  • In reply to David (ASIC) Liu:

    Hi David,

    Thanks for the reply. Customer is using DSI_CLK in their application, we will request them to double check the frequency and quality firstly. BTW, they are also having a Start Semi-Auto Link Training issue in below, can you help to check what's the possible reason?

    1. Sometimes 0x96 register configured to 0x09, Fast link training, which can be successful, and some panels can work.
    2. Sometimes 0x96 register configured to 0x0A, Auto link training, which can be successful, and some panels can work.
    3. Sometimes no matter 0x96 register configured to 0x09 or 0x0A, no panels can work.

  • In reply to Jacky Wang(QD):


    Please refer to section for the difference in DP Main Link Training. 

    There could be multiple factors going into why the panel would fail the link training. Can they please dump out register 0xF0h to 0xF8h for the failing cases?