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TPS65983: TPS65983

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Part Number: TPS65983

I have used the TPS65983 as PD controller for Alpine Ridge, i have contacted  the TI FAE ,which can provide the customer rom, but now the windows is close, is there any other workmate can deal with this case?

and for another thread, which feedback the tool link is used for TPS65982, i want to know the bin generated from that tool can fit for TPS65983?

tool information: 

slvc621aa    windows_64bit_TPS65981_82_86_87_88_application_customization_5.13

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    I cannot review the schematic because it should match the TBT Reference design.

    Have you double checked the signals on all CC / Vbus to verify a Type-C connection? If this shows a valid connection, do you see any PD communication on CC?

    If no, then check that PD Controller has booted correctly and loaded firmware.


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    Any update?

    i have got the reference firmware for both TBT controller and Pd chip from previous design, it works now. but i want to konw, if i use the tool your provide to update the pd firmware to fit my design, it seems not work. for example, i disabled the PP_5V PDO from the reference, it leads to the TBT controller being not work correctly? do you have any suggestion?

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    I would like to help with the issue you describe but I do need more details.

    Firmware for the TPS65983B device will not load and run on the older TPS65983.

    Because there is no longer support for the TPS65983 device my first advice is to migrate to the TPS65983B or other TI PD Controller such as the TPS65987DDJ.