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TLK2711-SP: TLK2711 raw data packet depth without (k code) comma?

Part Number: TLK2711-SP


for example below,

A simple and effective protocol can be implemented as follows.
• K28.5 D5.6   //  k code, data
• K28.5 D5.6  //  k code, data
• K28.5 D11.5 (SOF optional and user definable)
• Dxx Dxx (Transmitted packet. Repeat for packet depth.)  //WHAT IS THE DATA SIZE  without (k code) comma ???????
• Dxx Dxx (Packet CRC if desired)
• K28.5 D5.6  //  k code, data
• K28.5 D5.6  //  k code, data
• K28.5 D11.5 (SOF optional)


  • Hello Bernard,
    I believe that is user defined, but I need to double check with the author who is not in the office for the rest of the week. We will get you a confirmation answer early next week.
  • In reply to Kirby Kruckmeyer96848:

    Hi Kirby,
    Tlk2711 does not have configuration register.
    I wait your confirmation answer.
    thank you for your help,
  • In reply to Bernard Bertrand:

    Kirby is correct. This is more of a question of robustness of the system being designed.
    The TLK2711 as specified will achieve a BER of 1E-12 or better. This means there could be a single bit error in 10^12 bits. This bit error could cause loss of synchronization. The one way to get synchronized again, is with the comma.

    The TLK2711 is very similar to fiber channel, and can receive valid FC data. It cannot transmit valid FC data due to unique running disparity changes FC employs.

    Fibre Channel frames typically have a maximum payload size of 2112, and with with headers makes the MTU 2148 bytes. However you can increase the payload up to 9000 bytes, and with headers that 9036 bytes.
    You can set your own frame size since you are essentially customizing your own protocol based on your system needs.

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