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TPD2S300: VM pin design question

Part Number: TPD2S300

Hi all,

 My customer is designing TPD2S300 in their power adaptor product for 20V 5A application. Can they connect VM pin to Vbus for >8V power? Or any other suggestion for them? Thanks for your kindly help.

Best regards,

Gary Teng

  • Hi Gary,
    Yes VBUS can be connected to VM, for the max 20V PD contract possible, as this is within the abs. Max rating for VM of 28V, and you will operate in low resistance mode (8.7V <Vm <22V). Care must be taken to include TVS diode at VBUS to minimize ringing on VBUS as otherwise ringing can be seen on VBUS at voltage levels greater than the abs. Max of Vm. If this is an application with a 3s or 4s battery, you can also drive Vm with the voltage of the battery as seen in the Laptop application section of the datasheet.


    Kedar Manishankar

    Applications Engineer

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