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TUSB8041: Consumption Question and Schematic Review

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Part Number: TUSB8041

Dear Team,

The custoemr are planning to use TUSB8401.

From the section7.7 of datasheet, the maximum current consumption is no larger than 800mA (actually 778mA).

But the consumption difference between Hub in U0 and U1/U2 is almost twice.

Can you advise what the difference causing is?  It will help us to design the power regulator or LDO.

Beside, I already have preliminary review with the customer.

Can you kindly help on final review?

I will drop you the mail directly.



  • Hi,

    The U0 and U1/U2 are different power states in the USB state machine. U0 is the active mode where the USB downstream device is actively being polled and transmitting data. U1/U2 are low power mode where the downstream device is not always active. Please budget the for the power consumption in the U0 state.