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RTOS/DS90UB925Q-Q1: How to determine that FPDLINK can transmit video signals?

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Part Number: DS90UB925Q-Q1

Tool/software: TI-RTOS

I use UB925 and UB940 to form FPDLINK to output video signal.I am sure that the clock and sync signal are entering UB925.Some one asks me to detect lock pin of UB925.but I have not found this pin.

Since I don't have a schematic of the 940 part, the 940 clock and sync signal are not easy to detect.Is there any other way of testing?

UB940 has default settings

I config 925 like this:





I can get the address of 940 in the register 0x06 of 925.

Is that right?


  • Do you have I2C access through the forward channel to the 940?

    On the 925:

    1) You need to check register 0x0C for link status.

    2) You do not need to set the 925 in LF mode. So please keep reg 0x04 to default.

    3) write in reg 0x03 = 0xDA




    Training on FPD-Link Serializer Deserializer devices and system: https://training.ti.com/fpd-link-learning-center

    More information on IVI or ADAS FPD-Link products: http://www.ti.com/interface/fpd-link-serdes/overview.html

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    1) I can detect 940 under I2C and change the registers of 940.

    2) I read the 0x0c register of 925. 0x0c=0x03.The cable link is detected.But, there is a DES error.

    I set the Ox04 register of 925 to clear the CRC error scounter, but DES error still exists.

    3) I changed the settings for 925




    The rest of the registers use the default settings.

    Now my FPDlink still seems to be unable to transmit video signals.Does DES error have any effect?



  • In reply to Hamzeh Jaradat:

    I have detected the lock pin of 940. It is always high.

    How do I know the clock and sync signal of the 940 output signal?

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