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DS90UB927Q-Q1: Function for improving LCD afterimage

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Part Number: DS90UB927Q-Q1

My customer is testing the 927-926 with the configuration shown below.

However, there is a problem that afterimage occurs on the LCD.
Is there a function that can improve the afterimage during the function of 926-927?
Is there a function that can slow down or pull out the video signal input timing to improve the afterimage?
Please check it.
Thank you
Best Regards
From Anthony
  • hello,

    may I know what is the "afterimage"?



  • In reply to Junqiang Shi:


    The afterimage I would like to say is that the screen has changed and some of the previous screen remains.

    Pleas check it.

    Thank you.

    Best Regards.

    From Anthony.

  • In reply to Anthony Yoo68:

    Hi Antony,

    927/928 is one bridge based on SerDes tech. to transmit the video signal from OpenLDI input to OpenLDI output with cable medium transparently. It doesn't add or delete the video signal here.

    For your issue, pls check:

    1. 928 lock status: keep stable? if yes, pls check below item2

    2. video source is stable?