TPS65987D: Samsung S9/S10 does not get video out.

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Part Number: TPS65987D

Hello everyone again.

I am working on video sink and power solution for USB Type-C using TPS65987D.
I did get everything working with Chromebook from CTI. 
However, for some reason only power works with Samsung S9 or S10 smartphones.
I did search this forum and found one of treads that talks about no video from S8; however, 
in Samsung documentation it says that these smartphones support DisplayPort over USB-C.
Is there anything special needs to be set Samsung to start outputting video on USB-C, and if it is, what is it?


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  • Hello Aleksey,

    Do you have a PD analyzer and can capture the PD logs being sent by the two devices? If you do not have one, I highly recommend investing in one. We typically recommend the PD Analyzer manufactured by Total Phase. For problems like this where it is most likely an issue occurring through the negotiation process, it is difficult to debug without looking at the PD logs.

    Another thing you can try in the meantime is to play with the DP pin assignments/configuration within the GUI. Can read the following application note to help explain the DP alternate mode.


    Adam McGaffin