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TPS65987D: GPIO event response time and negotiation speed

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Part Number: TPS65987D

Hi Team,

Two questions here for my customer.

  • With the GPIO event, how fast do these event happen?
    • Specifically, the customer is looking to use the SINK PDO Negotiated Event to send a signal to another IC in the subsystem to shutdown.
  • Is there any information on how long it takes for the controller to negotiate for USB-PD? Is there a way to speed it up and immediately negotiate PDO 3?

One use case is their product would be sourcing power (5V, 1A) to charge a USB type-C power bank and then a sudden power loss occurs on the DC input. They would then need to switch from sourcing power to sinking power (PDO 3) from the power banks as quickly as possible without incurring a power bump.

Any information on how long this switchover from sourcing to sinking will take?

Thanks for the help.

  • Hi Joey,

    The TPS65987D Follows the USB PD Specification and is PD compliant. The timing for negotiating PD events will vary depending on what is connected and the messaging sequence. The timing for GPIO events and for PD negotiation is not specified because there is a lot of variance in these timings.

    You can consider implementing Fast Role Swap to better meet your needs. Here is an application note on FRS: http://www.ti.com/lit/an/slvae20/slvae20.pdf