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DP83848I: Ethernet Physical transceiver support to communicate optical transceiver AFBR-5805ATZ

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Part Number: DP83848I

Dear sir/Madam,

Currently we are working on Optical to Ethernet communication. We used DP83848I Ethernet physical transceiver chip in our design to communicate with optical transceiver(AFBR-5805ATZ),But communication is not established between DP83848I and Optical transceiver.

Please suggest how to communicate with DP83848I to Optical transceiver.


Suggest any other Ethernet physical transceiver chip to communicate with optical transceiver and also compatible to DP83848I register set.


Thanks in advance,




  • Hi Subbarayudu,

    DP83848I is does not support 100Base-FX fiber ethernet standard and hence cannot be used with SFP. I would recommend using DP83822IF. DP83822IF supports 100Mbps SFP fiber ethernet communication and the connection diagram is shown in the datasheet.



  • In reply to Aniruddha Khadye:

    Hi Aniruddha,

    Thanks for your reply,

    I have searched in TI site and found DP83620 is supporting 100Base-Fx Fiber ethernet communication and also Register set & PIN  compatible to DP83848I.

    Please let me know is  DP83620 is supporting 100Base-Fx Fiber ethernet communication or not.

    Is DP83822IF and DP83848I are Register set compatible or not.