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DP83849C: The role of the MII RX_ER signal in 10 Mbits/s mode

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Part Number: DP83849C

Dear DP83894C experts,

The spec says the following about the MII RX_ER

"MII RECEIVE ERROR: Asserted high synchronously to RX_CLK to
indicate that an invalid symbol has been detected within a received
packet in 100 Mb/s mode."

It does not elaborate on the role of that signal in 10 Mbits/s mode.

1) Does that imply that is  has no role in 10 Mbits/s mode ?

2) Is the default value of that signal high, and is only set to 0 upon a no RX_ER detection ? If so won't it interfere with teh 10 Mbits/s mode ?

Kind regards,


  • Hi Rocco,

    RX_ER functions as defined in IEEE 802.3 specification for 10Mbps as well. 



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    I am closing this thread. Incase you need further assistance, kindly open new thread and provide reference to this thread.



  • In reply to Geet Modi:

    Thanks Geet. I don't have access to that Standard. In any case I solved the problem.

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    Great ! Thanks for closing the loop.