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WEBENCH® Tools/DS90UB947-Q1: TI-DS90UB947 and TI-DS90UB948 IBIS-AMI models

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Part Number: DS90UB947-Q1

Tool/software: WEBENCH® Design Tools


For FDP link III signal integrity simulation needs.

Can you provide me IBIS-AMI model of serializers and deserializers (TI-DS90UB947 and TI-DS90UB948).

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  • Hello,

    We have IBIS models for the DS90UB947-Q1, and DS90UB948-Q1.  We do not have IBIS-AMI models.   For signal integrity simulations, the highest bit rate is the FPD-Link 3, DOUT to RIN signals, 35*PCK.  The next highest bit rate is the OLDI data bits which is 7 * PCK.  The PCK is the pixel clock.

    I have included the FPD-Link3 DOUT(947) to RIN(948), ADS IBIS example.  I have included the OpenLDI (OLDI) Clk and DataOut(948) to Clk and DataIn(947).

    The FPD-Link serdes simulation does not include the 948 Receiver-AEQ (which would be part of the IBIS-AMI model). 

    The IBIS model can be used in ADS, Hyperlinx, or TINA professional for simulating PCB elements with simple Input Output models of the devices.


    Open LDI LVDS simulation schematic

    FPD-Link 947 to 948 simulation schematic

    The two schematics, and the graph files for ADS are in the attached zip file, the ibis files are under the TI product folder pages for each

    device, but are also included in the attached zip file.


    Joe QuintalFPD-Link947948_IBIS.zip

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    Thank you very much for your help.

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