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TPS65987EVM: What is the role of U7(93LC56BT-I/OT)?

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Part Number: TPS65987EVM

To whom may it concern,

I see your EVM product's schematic.

I have a question about the role of U7 on PSIL060A(001)_Sch.

I first thought that it is for setting FTDI IC.

But, after I read the U7 by using program FT_PROG (FTDI EEPROM programing utility),

this program displays "Blank Device" to me.

Why does U7(EEPROM) have no-data?

Please reply for me.

  • Hello Chanwook,

    U7 is the EEPROM and should come with a default program already flashed to it. However, if you are not seeing an image on the device, then a there could have been a mistake when the board was manufactured and populated. You can flash you own configuration and a new image to it using the Configuration tool. A link to the tool itself and a app note walking through how to use it can be found below.




    Adam McGaffin