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TPD3S716-Q1: devices protections when unpowered

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Part Number: TPD3S716-Q1


I am planning to use the TPD3S716-Q1 for USB interface protection in a USB 2.0 OTG application. Since this is USB OTG, it is possible that someone will plug in a USB device that supplies 5V while my board is unpowered. If this happens, will the TPD3S716-Q1 prevent any current from leaking into the rest of my circuit? In this situation, VBUS_CONN will be at 5V, VD+ and VD- may be at 3.3V, VBUS_SYS will be at 0V, VIN will be at 0V, and all other pins will be at 0V. 

Additionally, in this scenario, will the TPD3S716-Q1 still provide overvoltage and ESD protection? What about any other protections?


  • Hi  Adevries,

    Thanks for your questions,we will reply you soon!

  • In reply to Michael Tan:

    Hi Adevires,

    It depend on the tpd3S716 be enable or not. 

    For the ESD protection function no matter device be disable and enable this function is work.

    For OVP if device be disable the OVP function will not work. 

    If device be disable the VBUS_CONN  will not pass the current to VBUS_SYS.