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DS125DF111: 10 G throuput Issue

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Part Number: DS125DF111

Hi Ti Team , 

I am using DS125DF111, for xfi to SFI conversion . on this data throuput we are getting is 1.66gbps , but out requirement is to run the interface for 10G. 

So can you please send us the configuration file or regiter we need to address for supporting 10G data rates.


  • Hi,

    The DS125BR111 can directly support 10.3125 Gbps data.  Please note the lock range for the retimer is relatively small.  If the 10G data is not running at 10.3125 Gbps the programming values will be different.

    Channel Register        Data

    0x2F    Write =>          0x06

    0x60    Write =>          0x00

    0x61    Write =>          0xB2

    0x62    Write =>          0x90

    0x63    Write =>          0xB3



  • In reply to Lee Sledjeski:

    Hi LEE, 

    After applying these setting for both the channel we are getting 2gbps  throughput. Still not able to get 10Gbps.

  • In reply to Prashant Soni:


    System throughput and datarate are two different numbers.  For example in PCIe Gen1 the datarate is 2.5Gbps but the encoding is 8b10b, so the theoretical maximum throughput would be 2.5Gbps * 0.8 = 2.0 Gbps.  Once the protocol is added to this the actual throughput would be much less.

    With the settings above I assume the device is locked to the incoming signal.  You can check for "lock" using the SMBus register 0x02[4:3].  These bits indicate the DF111 is locked to the incoming data.

    Please verify the incoming datarate is precisely 10.3125 Gbps.