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DS80PCI810: EEPROM size required for 6 devices

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Part Number: DS80PCI810

Hi Team,

I'm trying to keep the EEPROM size at 256 bytes but found that SigCon Architect wouldn't let me change "No. of Device" to 6. I'm wondering if that's due to the EEPROM size?

I think that 256 Bytes should be enough since I'm only using 2 slots (6 devices separated into two different register settings). 


Roy Hsu

  • Hi Roy,

    Yes, the size is okay.  This is a limitation for Sigcon Architect.  We can help you modify the EEPROM image manually to handle the 6th device if needed.  I would start with Sigcon Architect using 5 devices and 2 slots.  The only update will be to add the 6th device into the address mapping.