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DP83TC811S-Q1: questions about DP83TC811

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Part Number: DP83TC811S-Q1

Dear TI Experts,

 We are using DP83TC811S, the CPU is NXP I.MAX 8,using the RGMII protocal

And from the I,MAX8 datasheet,it‘s said that  ENET0 support RGMII at 1.8V only~

But from DP83TC811S datasheet, the VDDA voltage is 3.3V; Is it OK to work together?

I'd like to know is their anything need to pay attention to when I design it?

Best Regards

  • Hi Qianqian,

    You can use the DP83TC811S-Q1 with the IMAX8.

    Please configure VDDIO for 1.8V operation. VDDA is for the PHY core supply.

    VDDIO is for the IOs.

    Best regards,

    Ross Pimentel

    Ethernet - Applications Engineer