TPS65987D: How to set output 5A by USB-C-PD-DUO-EVM

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Part Number: TPS65987D

Hi TI,

I set the output of the source board to 5A and the input of the sink board to 5A.

But why the source board output max current is 3A?

Attached is the source board and sink board FW. Can you help me analyze what the problem is? TPS65987DDH_Source_Advanced_20191010.pjtTPS65987DDH_SINK_5A_CYG_20190827.pjt

2 Replies

  • Hello, My 87D EVM could source 5A using your config file. Please check whether your cable is capable of carrying 5A?



  • In reply to Prajith Cheerakkoda:

    Hi Prajith,

    Many thanks for your kindly support. 

    Have you tried my sink FW? Is there something wrong with my SINK FW?

    I'm not sure my cable is capable of carrying 5A, Can you recommend the PN of cable you use?