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SN65HVD102: SN65HVD102 as an IO-Link Master

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Part Number: SN65HVD102

Hello Folks,

We have some sensors that can communicate over IO-Link.

And we need to communicate with these sensors via IO-Link, so my Linux Machine will be the IO-Link master.

So here I have 2 questions:

  1. Can SN65HVD102 can be used for implementing IO-Link Master, if not is there any other part number available for it

  2. Is there any software stack available to communicate with IO-Link devices in Linux

Thanks in advance,


  • Hi Saurabh,

    I'm unfortunately not aware of any stacks from TI for IO-Link communication in Linux, although you may want to check on this with an IO-Link competency center or software vendor.  Regarding use of a device PHY in a master application, this can be possible with some additional supporting circuitry. You can review this reference design for one example using the newer TIOL111 device: