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DS90UB948-Q1: I2C interface

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Part Number: DS90UB948-Q1


The serializer is DS90UB947-Q1 and the deserializer is DS90UB948-Q1. I want to control 948 using 947's I2C. The I2C signal transmits through LVDS signal and the I2C signal can output through 948's I2C interface.

Can I get the function? If so, could you please tell me how to configure 948 and 947?


Kevin Xiong

  • Yes, this can do. Kevin.

    As one of key features is I2C over FPD-Link communication, pls see below app. note i2c over FPD-Link? here you can get how the I2C is communicated over FPD-Link and how to set the reg. (pass-through and alias slave ID / slave ID) ,.thanks.




  • In reply to Junqiang Shi:

    Hi Steven,

    From the application note, I can NOT find how to configure the register? or which register? Could you please help me to clear the point?


    Kevin Xiong

  • In reply to Kevin Xiong:


    if you need visit UB948 reg., this is call remote I2C, pls:

    1. get the register "i2c pass-through" in d/s, and set this bit as "enable"

    2. set the de-ser alias ID reg. in ub947 d/s, and assign one IDX for this.

    then, you can visit UB948's register with the IDX set in the reg. "de-ser alias ID" of UB947.

    best regards,Steven